Ministry Team

Andrew Burnham

Andrew worked in the construction industry for four years before joining Spurgeon’s College in 2007 to train for ministry. His first church was in Broughton Astley, a village in south Leicestershire, where he served for four years before joining us here at Bromley in summer 2014.

Andrew’s passion is to teach the Bible and help people apply its message through all the highs and lows that life brings. At Bromley he is minister responsible for teaching and discipleship so he oversees the Sunday teaching programme, home group resources and ongoing pastoral care of the membership.

Andrew has a passion for church history, particularly study of the Anabaptists and early Baptist communities, but when not among his books he loves the outdoors: cycling, walking, fell-running, camping ... anything to escape into the countryside. He also loves live music, playing the trumpet, watching period dramas and supporting his beloved football team Wycombe Wanderers.

Andrew is married to Emily and in their spare time they cycle together and watch films. Their favourite place in all the world is the remote Scottish islands where they holiday every year.

Glenis Ruston

Glenis has been a member of our church family since her teens and has been part of the youth leadership team for much of this time. Her current role is as minister for children and families and she co-ordinates the ig.nite youth group leadership team.

She trained as a primary school teacher and she now visits five local primary schools to lead assemblies, take lessons or arrange visits to church. This is done in conjunction with the Spinnaker Trust for which she is the training co-ordinator.

Glenis believes that the development of faith in children and young people must be an essential feature of church family life. Her research dissertation when gaining an MTh from Spurgeon’s College studied Christian education and focused on providing a holistic approach that spans the generations.

She is married to George and they have three children now in their 20s and 30s.