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Loving God, loving one another, loving our neighbour

Church outside Bromley Baptist Church is a group of people who believe that Jesus gives our lives meaning. We gather to learn about him, to support each other and to welcome anyone who wants to find out who Jesus is.

cafe church We believe that everyone matters to God and we want to help people of all backgrounds achieve their potential. In particular, we’re on hand to join people in their journey of discovering who they are, what their life’s all about and how they can discover God’s love for themselves.

We meet for worship on Sundays at 10:30am, 5:00pm and 7:00pm, in home groups during the week and on other occasions including our monthly Messy Church especially put together for families with young children. We also run a full programme of activities for children and young people.

Latest News & Features...

HOLIDAY AT HOME - come for a Rhine cruise!

Our annual holiday club for older folk takes place this year from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 August (10:00am-3:30pm). This year's theme is a cruise down the Rhine, the longest river in Europe. On each of the three days there will be a mixture of games, craft activities, special events and talks, based on one of three countries bordering the river - also time for refreshments, relaxation and a 3-course lunch.  For more details and a registration form, please contact the church office.